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This page is designed for those seeking a seasoned consultant I am currently employed. . If you are interested in seeing my resume please click here Sudesh Oudi Resume

I am well suited for the following roles:

Advanced background – These roles fit my skill set tightly and are positions in which I can provide leadership and guidance.
1.  Marketing, Management and IT Strategy and Best Practice Consulting
2. Improvement and automation of  Business Processes
3. Product, Project and Portfolio Management

Related Domain Expertise– These roles fit my current skill set well and I can provide consultative guidance in the roles.
1. Advertising Account Management
2. Marketing and Marketing Management
3. Research and Development Management
4. Training and Organizational Development

The following areas are the most interesting to me
Application of Technology, Counseling and Mentoring and Theory Development and Conceptual Thinking

I have core expertise in the following areas:

1. Organizational enablement to reduce the “cost of customer acquisition” – Experience with mixed vendor models and keeping competencies in house.
2. CRM Support and Enterprise Application Delivery – Specific experience with setting achievable goals and establishing Intella-quotient metrics to measure performance.
3. Orchestration of Project Management within an Organization – Facilitation of organizational change including re-purposing of personnel
4. Assessments and baselines of CRM IT performance – Informative reports on industry trends compared to IT benchmarks.
5. Establishment of Process and Procedural improvements to create harmony between different IT partners – Certifications in ITIL, Sigma, SDLC, TOGAF and related frameworks for improvement.
6. Recent International experience and exposure in: Eastern Europe, Middle East, India, China and Southeast Asia.

I feel strongly that the work environment ultimately has largest impact on a projects success:

Autonomy – You hire me to do a job set the expectations needed for successful completion let me pursue my path
Flexibility – In my life work and personal life are really separate I think about how my work can help my personal life and the need for symbiotic co-existence
Diversity – I like an occupation that exposes me to a lot and provides me with co-workers who think differently than I and bring a variety of backgrounds and analysis.
Innovation – I think this is needed to encourage growth of one’s self, including time to work on side projects and other ideas that grow the business.

Organizational Factors and Preferences:

Culture place a high value on developing employees 

reward managers who focus their energy on developing and retaining people who report to them

“do good” through their products, services, and mission

People Diverse group of people from many backgrounds, variety of age groups, divergent personalities
Management would fit best in an organizational culture characterized by an aggressive “rough and tumble” give-and-take in daily activity and by a high level of activity overall. In companies, departments, and teams like these, “pushing” an agenda to get things done (but not to dominate someone else) is seen as a good thing.
Environment Are new ideas and creativity in general valued and rewarded in this culture 

Is the group you would join charged with keeping something running well that is already successful.

Is there a lot of variety in the work you would be doing (and are there lots of new things happening).

On balance, does this organization have more to lose by trying something new that fails than it does to gain by trying something that might succeed.

Does the organization include people who are clearly “free thinkers”, creative or unconventional in the way they talk, dress or express themselves.

Do people generally tend to “speak up” with their ideas, regardless of their position in the organization.

My Context Autonomy (the position offers considerable autonomy and independence) 

Lifestyle (the position allows ample time to pursue other important aspects of my lifestyle — family, leisure activities, etc.)

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