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Taking the Exam for Certification in the The Open Group Architecture Framework TOGAF

April 25, 2012


I took the TOGAF 9.1 exam 1 & 2 on 4/23 & 4/24/2012. I passed both exams and wanted to share the resources that helped me to create a successful study plan.

In my opinion the foundation test is a lot more challenging than the certification test. I believe this is because this due to the multiple choice questions requiring specific definitions, while the certification is all scenario based.

Prior to the class review the video material on YouTube from this provider, it preps you for the terms you may hear and got me warmed up. Or Google for ‘Knotion TOGAF’, there are ten, nine min videos that provide a solid introduction.

During the course ask for specific examples of all terms and models used. If possible ask for a white paper write up. This is really helpful because the TOGAF material is very ‘meta’ it describes an empty box, it’s useful to conceptually understand what the full box looks like.

During the class ask questions and think about the internal company processes, products, tools etc. they apply to. If possible ask the instructor about them so that it makes sense.

Steps taken to review for the test:

           Understand what’s on the tests 1 Foundation & 2 Certification


           Read and outline the Study Guide 1 & 2 (allow 2-3 weeks) I wrote, then typed and finally drew all the major diagrams from memory, trust that you’ll need to be able to do this when you sit for the test.


1-2 Weeks prior to the exam, take the sample tests here, be sure to review the chapters you miss questions on:

           These tests are not official but provide good review (Foundation):


           This a sample scenario question (Certification):


           The official TOGAF sanctioned test (Foundation & Certification) is found in the study guide

1 Week prior to exam: Review the pocket guide here:


2- Days prior to exam have someone quiz you using this power point:

1 – Day prior review the pocket guide:

Feel free to contact me with any questions

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