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Mobile Outlook 2011

February 21, 2011

I was reading the GigaOm article on 2011 mobile and. It hit on some really important points that I think anyone who is in the enterprise application domain should be aware of.

  • Expect new policies that police network congestion and offload data to alternative networks such as Wi-Fi and FemtoCells.
    • Perhaps companies should consider installing both of these as cost saving measures?
  • Privacy concerns will finally be centerstage and more issues will arise with mobile data location services along with this comes new worries about spyware and virus attacks on mobile handsets.
    • Does your virus/security software provider cover mobile handsets and all platforms available? With the growing proliferations of applications available on handsets how do you manage your infrastructure?
  • More and more the Internet is becoming a place for things, not just computers and phones. The machine to machine market is increasingly viable and as a result we can only expect more products that transform platforms.
    • are you ready for the next change?

There are still areas of deelopment as well..

  • what outcomes will mobile advertising drive, by and large dumb phones are still the bread-and-butter of the cell phone market
  • Increasingly specific technologies are being adopted by consumers and pushed by businesses. Think about mapping applications that allow you to see virtual “tags” or Mobile wallet solutions that allow for quick payments.
  • Consumers still get most of there equipment from carriers, and carriers have the largest market presence with the exception of Apple only the major carriers have a large physical presence.

All of these could play differently in specific business models from the corner store to the small software seller mobile will have an impact in 2011 what will it be for you?

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