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How does the US Digital year in review impact you?

February 18, 2011

Based on the research provided by ComScore in its US Digital year in review publication there’s lots of interesting trends that businesses should take into consideration.

Facebook continues to utterly dominate the social networking industry in fact it consumes more of a US is user time than any other site. This means that sites like Google and Yahoo no longer command the lead and in what is sure to be a hotly contested battle audience size, frequency of usage, and page views speak to Facebook’s ability to reach users.

When it comes to numbers however some interesting trends emerge. (See the graph below)

It’s pretty clear with Google’s $28 billion in ad revenue that Facebook has a bit of a revenue shortfall in comparison. Giga-OM has an interesting thought on why that might be it appears that companies like Zynga and Groupon are more effective for acquiring new customers. It appears that Facebook is not commanding a high price for its ad’s. What’s more Giga-OM theorizes that communication based platforms are less effective than content based. This makes sense because when you start to look at works in the off-line world we don’t have advertisements on our phone calls we do in her magazines. One way to fight this is an increase in the lead content that Facebook provides, this would create an opportunity for users to spend more time with content and less time just communicating. Google has managed to accomplish this with their YouTube franchise where a few years ago you would never see an ad today you are regularly shown Ad‘s.

  • This year watch for a change in communication as the Facebook messaging platform gets fully underway with e-mail usage we may see a shift to this type of communication.
  • Look for a renewed focus on engagement measurement by this marketing organizations are being asked for specific objectives like awareness or intent, there will be munificence devise to measure how this is accomplished
  • e-commerce isn’t going anywhere with giants like Google Amazon and newcomers like Apple there will surely be a battlefield in 2011
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