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4 Thoughts for SaaS Partner Enablement

January 17, 2011

When thinking about the way that companies go to market with a SaaS offerings via partners and 3rd party provider channels there are several items that come to mind. Finding the answers to these questions really helps to support the healthy growth and partnership.

  • Have you identified the supporting business model and marketing education for your SaaS offering?
    • Many channel marketers will need shift some of their product and sales training & certification resources to business model and marketing ‘enablement’ are they willing to make this investment in staff
  • Do you have existing partner networks and communication?
    • Social networks like Yammer or Ning that go beyond online user forums are a great idea.  Collaboration with channel partner companies, works best with partners when they are able to see  project lifecycles, share common service challenges, and understand winning platform themes and capabilities that service each vertical/ industry. (BaseCamp, SharePoint and Others)
  • Have you considered common online and offline marketing and interactive design offerings?
    • Often partners lack the resources to produce a capable brand and message statement.  Marketing brand and design is a service most SaaS providers provide as a service for there partners. This helps to keep the brand consistent while serving the dual purpose of understanding strategic partner value.
  • Do you have a plan for “pushing” interactive and print marketing content?  Content sharing represents a marketers shovel as partners get brand and message consistency pushed to them. Content sharing via marketing tools from vendors include Marketto, Eloqua, Marketing Advocate, TreeHouse Interactive, WebCollage, and Ethofy.

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