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Technology Changes, Challenges, and Winners in 2011 – Part 2 of 3

January 5, 2011

In this series I am examining the trends that are happening in 2011.  GigaOm recently posted an article on the companies that are winners in 2010

Here is a brief synopsis of what the article states

  • Google – Andriod is a success on the mobile platform, it doesn’t end there though. The move into the living room and further advancement into entertainment high lights Google’s push into the consumer market.
  • Apple – Innovative design and simple execution continue to be the hallmark of this company. Just as they jump started the smart phone revolution they created the tablet market with the Ipad.
  • Rovio – The company that created touchscreen games sold across a variety of different platforms, Apple and Android.
  • Primesense. The 3-D technology at the core of Microsoft’s new Kinect has had a significant impact on the market in 2010. Primesense will work to develop new interface types for 2011.
  • Amazon. With the e-book growth in 2011, Amazon will continue to extended its advantage and to find additional ways to innovate in the book publishing industry.

So what impact might this have on the Enterprise?

  • Smart: Phones, Tablets and Internet Connected Devices alike users will no longer be satisfied with Blackberry bricks. If IT doesn’t innovate  the user community will, each Enterprise should be prepared for this and have an engagement strategy.
  • Design and Simplicity: contain to be the products that people are fanatical about, the take away here is the focus on simplified UI’s and best of breed applications will continue. The headache of system consolidations could evaporate, if “as a service” infrastructure and platforms are correctly implemented.
  • Its entertainment, as the consumer industry provides strategy, business and IT leaders will be involved with not just logical solutions but entertaining ones. Remember that old web dashboard, put it on an Ipad and make it interactive. Think about internal incentives to have more usage of existing applications (jigsaw is a good sample of this)
  • Interface will change in this decade, while most companies are still mouse and keyboard, people tactile input, and just plain gesture should be a consideration for the right user community.
  • Traditional industries are changing, Publishing, Media, and Music are all being forced into a digital shift. What is the total enterprise printing cost currently? How many print outs are disposed of? Is there an ROI business case to move to another format, by the end of 2011 there will be solution providers.


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