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Technology Changes, Challenges, and Winners in 2011 – Part 1 of 3

January 4, 2011

Some thoughts on what the 2011 will hold in mind for the enterprise from the perspective of the consumer

According to Tech Crunch there seems to be 7 neat things to be on the prowl for in 2011, this list seems entirely consumer facing but there are enterprise technology impacts as well.

  1. Web Video On Your TV – TV meet the internet, internet meet the streaming video.
  2. Social Q&A site – Lets all answer together
  3. Mobile Social Photo Apps – Sharing your media
  4. Mobile Wallets & Payments – Pay from your phone
  5. Context-Aware Apps
  6. Open Places Database – facilitate the a common repository between apps
  7. The Streaming Cloud – All media is moving to a steaming platform

Thinking about these trends it means that the following can also be assumed.

  • Business users will grow fed up with carrying around many devices – 2 mobile phones (work and personal) 1 Laptop and some kind of tablet
    • Consolidation of these devices on to a common platform is in the cards, how will the organization cope?
  • Everywhere access for all files and documents that pertain to a user, streaming these (insert your S/I/PaaS standard here) is a reality
    • Technology from Citrix (and many others) continues to enable anywhere working.
  • Extremely intense growth in the mobile device and portable device arena will only quicken the move away from the PC  ruled work place.
    • Geo, Mobile and Photo apps are driving this new adoption of hardware, the business impacts for this are starting to emerge, real time updates (Ala SalesForce Chatter) mobile posting via any smart phone etc
  • The need for a common set of referenced open data stores, the next frontier will be how these many apps choose to share store and analyze data
    • The enterprise will face a million leaks from the Google spreadsheet to the  unsecured RSS feed, strong referenced data store such as AWS, Google, and others are creating will provide the framework for the growing interrelated web of applications
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