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Comprehensive list of marketing metrics

December 5, 2008

Size of target market ($) Client retention (%)
Target market growth (%) Client satisfaction (%)
Market share (%) Client lifetime value ($)
Sales ($) Client delight (%)
Profitability ($) Clients who defected (no.)
Profit per partner ($) Lost clients regained (%)
Revenue per professional ($) Services sold to each client (no.)
Utilization (%) Share of client wallet (%)
Profit as % of income (%) Relative product/service quality (rank)
Margin per client (%) Relative new service sales (%)
Average hourly rate ($) Relative brand strength (rank)
Sales growth (%) Price premium (%)
Successful sales closures (%) New product launches (no.)
New client acquisitions (no.) Employee satisfaction (multipoint scale)
Proposal bid to win ratio (%) Professional staff turnover (%)
Referral sourced sales (%)

Base set of marketing metrics

Metric Yardstick Significance
1. Sales growth Annual % change Tracks revenue growth
2. Revenue per professional $ value Key indicator of staff productivity
3. Utilization % of billable hours worked Best measure of staff efficiency
4. Profit per partner $ value Prime financial success measure
5. Average hourly rate $ rate Measure of price premium
6. New client acquisitions No. of new clients Critical for growth
7. Referral sourced sales % of new business Cheapest and most valuable source of business
8. Client retention % current clients Key to long-term profitability
9. Client delight Score on multipoint scale Best indicator of client loyalty
10. Services sold to each client No. of distinct services Good cross-sell measure
11. Relative perceived quality Rank compared to leading competitors Good indicator of service quality
12. Brand recognition % of target clients who recognize brand Initial step in branding campaign
13. Staff satisfaction Score on multipoint scale Happy staff, key to client satisfaction
14. Professional staff turnover % annual turnover High turnover usually leads to quality and satisfaction issues


First 100 Days 2nd 100 Days 3rd 100 Days
Client Pyramid Management
  • Set annual sales marketing goals based on pyramid analysis and market research
  • Prepare client contact campaigns for HVCs and potential HVCs[*]
  • Allocate individual marketing plans to all professional staff
  • Prepare marketing metrics scorecard
R1 Revitalization and Renewal
  • Review competitive value proposition for each SBU[**]
  • Differentiate and position SBUs
  • Identify profitable new segments/niches
  • Launch “new product” strategy
  • Launch value pricing
R2 Retention
  • Review client satisfaction measurement
  • Introduce “moments of truth” enhancement program
  • Review complaints handling procedures
  • Begin service excellence training
R3 Reacquisition
  • Initiate formal client win-back program
  • Institute exit interviews for all defecting clients
R4 Referrals
  • Introduce formal referral marketing campaign
R5 Regeneration
  • Develop publicity strategy
  • Plan small group seminar program
  • Develop email newsletter program
  • Plan advertising program
  • Design model firm and SBU PowerPoint presentations
R6 Rainmaking
  • Psychologically test professional staff for rainmaking potential
  • Assess sales competencies
  • Establish win-loss bid reporting system
  • Begin training in value added selling and negotiation skills
  • Begin training in proposal writing
  • Review client contact and sales automation process
R7 Related Sales
  • Develop up-selling and cross-selling strategy
  • Identify additional profitable add-ons
  • Train selected staff in up-selling and cross-selling
R8 Reputation Building
  • Appoint brand coordinator
  • Begin brand development program
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