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IT Operations “Behave”! Enabling your Op’s shop to work with process in mind

October 2, 2008

It takes only two weeks for an individual to learn how to bypass a newly established process. For successful process implementation and enforcement, organizations must incorporate adherence mechanisms, such as training, performance targets and governance, into IT operational process refinements.

Adherence to processes must be built in, as part of IT operational process refinement initiatives, if
the organizations are to succeed.
Most enterprise management processes (such as change management, configuration management and release management) have varied interpretations, not only from one organization to another, but also between technology groups (such as applications development, operations and infrastructure, and architecture) within the same organization, making consistency across the environment difficult.
Although 90 percent of operational groups are involved in some form of process, quality or governance initiative, well-defined processes do not guarantee organizational adherence. In fact, with the volume of refinement initiatives being engaged, IT operational groups must take specific actions to ensure that their members:

• Recognize that they will be required to participate in the new processes
• Receive appropriate training
• Understand their roles in relation to others

Successful process governance and enforcement will require IT operations groups to:
• Ensure that the process and any related procedures or services are well-defined, with minimal room for individuals participating in the process to have varied interpretations of the functions they are expected to perform
• Duly educate the participants, management and any related staff in the process
• Effectively align the participants’ roles and responsibilities appropriately with the process tasks to minimize gaps and overlaps in responsibility
• Ensure that process owners continually monitor performance efficiency and effectiveness and identify appropriate action to refine the processes
• Help process participants and management understand how their performance of the process will be measured
• Communicate that the organization’s management views adherence to the processes as critical and that nonadherence will not be tolerated

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