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Lessons Learned 4 Points to Consider: Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning ERP

September 1, 2008

First, training and education cannot be emphasized enough, even after the go live date of an ERP implementation.

  • Also, firms implementing ERP systems must realize that future employees will need to have a significantly greater skill set than previous employees, and that human resources must react to the change with ever increasing tactical and strategic training initiatives.

Second, each firm has to remain flexible after the go live date and tune the technical and functional capabilities of the system.

  • A firm should remain flexible and be willing to revisit current processes to establish a better fit between business processes and the hardware and software technology.

The third contribution is the suggestion that an ERP system will increase the harmony between manufacturing and marketing. To receive business benefits from an ERP system, manufacturing and marketing need to understand that they both strongly influence the likelihood of success. While this perspective is advanced in the emerging manufacturing strategy literature, it is not found to be uniformly prevalent in practice. Firms should strive to increase the harmony between manufacturing and marketing, by integrating performance metrics, to achieve the benefits of ERP.

Fourth, the increasing strategic and tactical role purchasing is responsible for in the new supply chain models. The implementation of an ERP system should increase the visibility and authority of current purchasing managers and drive firms towards a more team-based purchasing process.

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