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IT Project Portfolio: Funding & Impelmenting 9-10

July 19, 2008


The “hurry up and wait” game begins here. All the effort, time, money, and resources are now on hold until you get the nod. If this project is high profile and important you may be working the back room to sell the opportunity before the formal approval process commences, so you want to make sure the elevator speech is being worked at all levels.

Stage 9 Deliverables

  • None – trust the process.

Stage 9 Outcomes

  • Funding approval or a “go/no go” decisions.

Stage 9 Duration

  • Dependent on how your organization approves opportunities


It has been correctly said that you should be careful what you wish for, because you may just get it. The fun is over when the project has been approved, because now your team has to deliver the promise. The main source document is the solution outline, and depending on the time lapse between its initial creation and your approval to implement you will have to update the numbers and project plan accordingly.

It is important you get sign-off on all changes to the solution outline and business case prior to implementing the previously agreed plan. The line “Don’t confuse the sell with the install” comes back again to haunt. The sell cycle is always fraught with positive statements and “don’t worry” attitudes. However, once the contract is being presented, the install side of the house arrives to take all the fun and money away. This is also a good time to get the vendors to commit to their schedules and resources as were agreed to in previous steps.

Stage 10 Deliverables

  • The solution as agreed to.

  • Execution of the project plan.

  • Execution of the communications plan.

Stage 10 Outcomes

  • Commencement of proposed solution.

Stage 10 Duration

  • Dependent on implementation schedule as defined in stage 6

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