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IT Project Portfolio: Business Case and Proposal 8

July 18, 2008


Where the solution outline addresses the technical problems and opportunities, the business case addresses the business problems and opportunities. The business case has very little technical information in it and is written to be read by the business decision-makers. The main focus of this document is to state the business opportunity with its associated costs and benefits.

It is imperative to include the business unit in the creation of this document. They have to not only buy-in, but must also contribute to the end result. The organization will be using this document as the core document to make its decisions, so it must be written in common business language and any technical information should be filtered for readability. You do not want the organization to mistake this opportunity as a technical project, and remember that even technical opportunities must drive the business forward.

A sample table of contents of a business case is:

  • Background.

  • Guiding principles.

  • Solution.

  • Software.

  • Technology/hardware.

  • Network.

  • Cost summary.

  • Benefit summary.

  • Conclusion.

Stage 8 Deliverables

  • Business case.

  • Revised costs.

Stage 8 Outcomes

  • Business case.

Stage 8 Duration

  • One to two week

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