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IT Project Portfolio: Planning to Implement 6

July 16, 2008


This is where the rubber hits the road. All the work until now, for the most part, has been open-ended with no firm commitments on dates and deliverables. After stage 5, the client and you are committed for the implementation plan.

What the business unit wants to know is, “How long is it going to take and when will we get the nod?” This answer has to be sensitive to organizational approval schedules, other projects, resource constraints, and operational concerns.

The implementation project plan might include the following milestones for a development opportunity:

  • Deploy and release to production plan.

  • High level test plan – do not assume the user knows what or how to test.

  • Procurement and setup timelines.

  • Marketing communications plan – it is very important to get the word out on the positives of the opportunity.

  • Infrastructure updates and configuration changes.

Stage 6 Deliverables

  • Project plan.

  • High-level costing.

  • Communication plan.

  • Input into the solution outline.

Stage 6 Outcomes

  • Workable project plan and costing figures for approvals.

Stage 6 Duration

  • Two to four weeks

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