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Global Business: Management Style in India 10 Tips

July 5, 2008

India : Management Style

  1. Encourage Indians to use their own judgment and make their own decisions in areas you have delegated to them; they do not always have to check with you before acting.

  2. Encourage Indians to approach your subordinates directly about matters you have authorized them to handle; Indians do not have to approach your subordinates through you.

  3. Encourage Indians to question instructions they think are inaccurate or wrong, and praise them when they do.

  4. Encourage Indians to speak up if they know a better way to do something.

  5. Explain to Indians that you regard them as your equals in the relationship, not just hired hands; that you are relying on them to act as expert consultants.

  6. Explain to Indians that you fully expect them to ask questions if they have not understood you.

  7. Instead of asking Indians if they have understood you, volunteer additional clarification and see if they accept it.

  8. Encourage your Indian subordinates to speak up at meetings whenever they have something to say.

  9. Try to praise the whole team, not just one individual.

  10. Don’t be surprised when younger Indians can be very Western in their behavior one moment and very Indian the next.
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