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Search Engine Optimization: SEO Checklist

May 23, 2008
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SEO Checklist
Current State
Check your rank in the major search engines.
Don’t overuse or misuse rank-checking automation.
If it works, don’t “fix” it unless the fix will improve your SEO efforts.
Keep your site fresh and persuasive.
Keyword Research
Use your visitors’ words, not just your own.
Focus on phrases.
What key phrases are most popular?
What relevant key phrases have less competition?
Web-Site Design
Is your site visually attractive?
Is your site’s topic apparent at first glance?
Are your file names based on relevant keywords?
Try to avoid frames. If you can’t or don’t want to, use appropriate workarounds
Include a site-map page.
Include a robots.txt file.
Avoid delays and dead ends.
Write Clean Code
Put your indexable content as early as possible in the source code.
Put heavy JavaScript and CSS code in external files.
Include spider-friendly navigation.
Make Use of Tags and Attributes
Title tag.
Description meta tag.
Keywords meta tag.
Alt tags.
Headlines and headers.
Keyword-based links.
Table Summary tags.
SEO-Approved Content
Create unique content.
Make content as effective as possible.
Examine and adjust keyword density.
Avoid invisible text.
Avoid very tiny text.
Optimize your entire site.
Optimize your interior pages.
Give each page its own focus.
Manual Submissions
Submit to search engines and directories.
Know what your submission software does before you begin to use it.
Do not over-submit.
Do you have a site map?
Linking Strategies
Cultivate quality links.
Avoid garbage links.
Offer accurate, enticing descriptions.
Ask for key-phrase or keyword discount.
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