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3 Easy Steps to creating a “Meaningful Metric”

March 20, 2008

I am working on a project currently that requires a lot of work with metrics. Alot of people grow very disinterested with even the work measure is uttered. I can understand this thats why I put a lot of work into a good metric. I believe a good technology measurement is hard to find and the following is just a template to help you get there.

  1.  Define – All elements of the Metric
  • Objective – What is the end goal the measurement is used for
  • Metric Name – Name that is meaningful to everyone
  • Description – A specific communication about what is being measured
  • Specification – Provide a context for what is being measured, and how to apply the out put.
  • Justification – Why is ths being measured
  • Audience – Each metric should have an audience that monitors it (subscription)
  • Constraints – Limitations to the metric should be noted
  • Danger value – What is a critical value that will cause undesired performance
  • Target value – Wht is the value that will be par
  • Possible value – A range of what the Metric can produce

2) Populate Values

  •  Identify the values that fit in the metric
  • Make sure the data is clean and not biased
  • Check the metric before you publish to make sure it is presenting what you designed

3)Continuous Improvement

  •  Metrics are rarely static
  •  Put a process in place to update the metric
  • Contact the consumers to see if the metric is still in use
  • Discontinue old metrics, while introducing new ones


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