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It’s a Friday March 7th reading round up…

March 7, 2008

It’s a Friday reading round up…

  • Want to know what the folks at servicexen are reading?
  • We can’t help but remember what the first days of our career where like and this article on Technical Support from the NYTimes is spot on.
  • We are based in Atlanta but we won’t be eating here a 13 on there health score
  • Okay I really like IT and all but when someone writes about three dimensions of anything, especially IT I think it sounds like a sales pitch.
  • I like the idea it sounds fun but will it take off? The couchDB that is which sounds a lot like Lotus Notes but open source..
  • Not often we get to talk about Grass Roots so we will go with this article on ITIL growth in the US which seems to have been over emphasized.
  • Remember when the National Park Service couldn’t control floods? Me neither..

Have a good weekend,


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